Zeolite Aquarium Filter

A nice and beautiful aquarium can be seen from the quality of the water. So, it is important for every aquarist to keep the water quality in a clear state. By still paying attention to the mineral content and properties of water in accordance with the fish inside. To help the water stay clear, we can use zeolite aquarium. Zeolite aquarium filters are usually widely found in the pet shop near us. But it doesn’t recommend for long term usage. For temporary use only.

Frequently the filter is offered in the starter kit, with very little explanation of the way that it performs. It is going to do the cleaning which you can’t do with your bare eyes. The external power fish tank filter is merely one of the most often encountered filters. In this time will only review about zeolite aquarium filter. Important to know, when choosing zeolite for your aquarium, select one that is specifically for aquarium use. Also there are zeolites that are formulated primarily for freshwater aquariums, as well as for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

What is Zeolite?

Before using zeolite aquarium, it’s good to know what is zeolite and how it works. Zeolite is an ammonia-absorbing medium that should be inserted into a sieve. Zeolite types of media do an amazing job getting rid of ammonia in your aquarium. It can also be put into a bag and hung in a tank directly in the water stream, rather than placed in a sieve. Usually provided in a form similar to carbon media and arranged in a bag inside the filter. commonly, in a month or less it is exhausted and should be replaced or recharged. If ammonia levels extremely high, the zeolite may become exhausted in two weeks or less. When ammonia levels are elevated, test it frequently, replacing the zeolite as needed to until the desired results are achieved.

zeolite aquarium
Filter will have a lot of work. Any type of filter you get for your tank will do a great job, but my best fresh water filter will be something that combines the 3 types out there. The type of filter you need will be determined by the size of your tank and the type of fish you have. Cleaning your aquarium filter is just one important action. Cleaning the aquarium filter depends on the type. Each aquarium filter is designed to continue to maintain impurities away.

How to use zeolite wisely?

If you intend to aerate your tank why not do it simultaneously with screening. A copper test kit is a particular approach to keep your fish alive so you really need this. Sometimes a fish will not create telescopic eyes until it is two years old. Obviously, having fish does make things a little more intense. Yes, this will create stress on the fish, but having a cycling tank is much better for them later.

As mentioned above, exhausted zeolite must be removed. If the ammonia is gone or nearly gone, it is not necessary to replace the zeolite in the filter. Instead, use standard media such as activated carbon. If zeolite is recharged, it should be discarded after two to three months of use, and replaced with new one.

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