What is Flounder Fish?

What is flounder fish? Flounder are a really cautious fish. This fish is among the most wanted fish in coastal North Carolina for many facets. Flounder fish are also couple of the best tasting fish in the sea.

What Is Flounder Fish

Flounder, one of many flat fish species belonging to the Achiropsettidae family, Pleuronectidae, Paralichthyidae, and Bothidae (Pleuronectiformes sequence). Also known as the general market of sole, sanddab, turbot, plaice, fluke, Flounder Glossary and halibut. Famous flounders include summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus), American Atlantic food fish growing up to about 90 cm (35 inches), peacock flounder (Bothus lunatus), Atlantic species, Atlantic America marked with many pale blue spots and rings; brill (Scophthalmus rhombus), a relatively large commercial European species, reaching a length of 75 cm (29 inches); and the dark flounder (Syacium papillosum), Atlantic Atlantic western species. Flounders in the family usually have eyes and colors on the left side.

Ophthalmic / floating fish metamorphosis

Flounders, such as other fish, hatch with one eye on every side of their head. In its life cycle, the adult flounder has two eyes located on one side of its head, whereas in the hatch one eye rests on each side of its head. One eye migrates to the other side of the body as a metamorphosis process as it grows from the larvae to the adolescent stage. As an adult fish, to protect the dir from predatory attacks, flounder changes habits and disguises itself by lying on the bottom of the ocean floor. As a result, the eye is then on the side facing upwards. The side to which the eye migrates depends on the species. With this evolution impact on a number of other complex changes in bone, nerves, and muscles occur, and the bottom flounder loses its color due to the lack of light supply.

Where is flounder fish Habitat?

To support the camouflaged Flounder Fish habit, these fish like soft muddy areas on the ocean floor, such as on coral reefs, near piles of bridges, even on the dock. After a perfect camouflage, the flounder fish is ready to ambush the prey that passes over it. Such as small fish, crustaceans, polychaetes and others. The length range of Flounder fish is 22-60 centimeters (8.7-23.6 in), and by 95 centimeters (37 inches). Their width is about half the length.


Due to over fishing, flounder fish stocks including estimated in 2003 only about 10% of pre-industrial levels. Much of the over fishing is caused by extensive fishing activities. Current estimates indicate that approximately 30 million flounder (excluding soles) are still alive in today’s world. And according to Seafood Watch, flounders and soles. Atlantic is currently included in the list of seafood that should be avoided by sustainable-minded consumers. For the good news, in Green Port, New York. Mari Culture Technologies is developing flounder type fluke in open water.

Pacific Flatfish

Flatfish flat like soles, flounder and halibut are “Good Alternatives” for people from the Atlantic, where excessive fishing has historically reduced the population. More than 13 species of flat fishGlossary regularly caught in the Pacific. Pacific flatfish, like their Atlantic cousins, are known as hirame when prepared for sushi.

I hope this post could satisfy your curious about what is flounder fish.

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