Revealing Three Different Meanings of the Term “Catfishing”

What does catfishing mean?

There are actually two meanings of the term. The first meaning is related to a literal fishing for a catfish. So, when you are ready with your bait and go to catch some catfish, it means you are going catfishing.

Besides, there is a new idiomatic expression with the term. It is a slang that is now common to use by the internet users. The second meaning relates to the scam and crime that often occur through the internet, especially the social media.

What does catfishing mean

What does catfishing mean on social media?

Catfishing means a type of deceptive act that use a social media to scam people. The criminals involve a sock puppet social networking account for some purposes. The criminals do this act in order to spread a scam or to get some financial benefits.

Nowadays, people all want to exist in the social media. They post any kinds of things in the social media. Today, there are various social media that can accommodate what people want to expose. For instance, a Facebook is ready to serve people with various features to tell stories about the users’ life. Besides, people can also post only images and give captions that tell about what the pictures are about. There are various other social media with many significant benefits for the users.

However, some people overuse the social media. For instance, some people expose their identity and personal information too much. This opens huge chance for people to suffer from a scam. Even if people use their account securely, there are still chances to meet people who do catfishing. This is so because many internet accesses are insecure. Besides, there are many people who have poor passwords that are easily hacked. Many other internet users carelessly use their private account and leave it logged in when they are off. That will make it easy for people to use the account to catfish.

What does catfishing mean online?

It simply means a crime of stealing someone’s identity to lure some people for some reasons. Alternatively, to catfish means to attract someone online by exploring a sexual identity. Besides, it can also relate to a romance through the internet. When someone uses a fake identity to attract someone through the internet, it can also be called a catfishing act.

So, what does catfishing mean on sister wives means?

When reading the news, we will know that the term catfishing means to use some fake identities to do a scam. It also occurs on the “Sister Wives”.

What does catfishing mean in hockey?

In hockey, to catfish can mean throwing a real catfish on the floor before the game starts. It is a tradition of a fan throwing a cat fish to the floor to make the team win the game. It is fun to do so. Fans love it and the players also love this tradition.

Those are the different meanings of catfish as a verb. We have to use the terms properly so the audience will infer the sentence correctly.

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