What Do Jellyfish Eat?

Today, we have many alternatives to put in our aquarium. We can keep many freshwater fish and sea animals as well. Besides colorful fish from the sea, we can keep jellyfish if we want to deliver more charming beauty in our aquarium. If we decide to do so, we need to get informed with many things. We will need to know what do jellyfish eat so we can keep it properly.

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What do jellyfish eat?

Also known as cnidarians, jellyfish can be found almost in all oceans in the world. Most of the time, jellyfish is regarded as harmless animal due to the soft and slow movement. However, jellyfish have tentacles which sting to survive. The stinging will paralyze and even kill the prey. It seems that what we have seen in the Finding Nemo movie is a fact. We should never underestimate this sea creature.

With that dangerous stinging capability, jellyfish are true predators. Jellyfish has numerous sizes so the preys are varied as well. Some only eat the small fish eggs around the area where they swim. Some others can eat a big fish entirely. And the dangerous thing is that they likely eat anything that comes across to them.

What do jellyfish eat

Though the jellyfish eat just any fish, we can actually figure out the foods by looking at the structure of the jellyfish. Jellyfish have round and soft bodies. In the center of the body, it has a small hole. When jellyfish eat their foods, their tentacles will feed the foods to the aforementioned hole. And since jelly fish has a transparent body, we will be able to see the foods through their bodies. So, the foods should fit the holes. If the fish is too big, jellyfish will kill them so they can push the foods into their small hole.

So, when asking what do jellyfish eat? The answer can be as simple as fish because they are carnivores. They do not eat seaweed and other growing plants. Yet, just like mentioned before, the foods can be varied from the smallest plankton to big fish. Jellyfish can eat sea snails, crabs, and even other jellyfish.

Those are the foods of jellyfish as a sea creature. Now, what we should give the jellyfish if we keep them as pets? We have to be aware of what the jellyfish that we buy regularly eat. Before deciding to pick the foods, we have to make sure that we are buying the jellyfish from a reliable pet shop. That way, we can get jellyfish that eat brine shrimp and other regular foods to live.

What do jellyfish eat

The size of the foods of our jellyfish should fit their body sizes. When we buy the small jellyfish, it is important to give them very small brine shrimp. When it is getting larger, we need to pick larger brine shrimp for them.

Jellyfish is indeed unique creature with unique body anatomy. Therefore, their foods and way of eating are also unique. In order to keep them in our aquarium, we have to get informed about their foods and their survival nature. To learn about the foods is definitely a good idea.

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