What do Betta Fish Eat?

Before discussing what do betta fish eat, first we recognize the behavior and habits of betta fish.
First, ideally betta fish eat once a day. However, if enacted twice a day will not be a problem, it will only take extra time and also extra food. If you choose to do so, it’s best to cut the portion to feed per feeding in half.

Many people believe that feeding extra food to betta fish will make them more bigger. The feed we give is nothing more to beautify their appearance. Keep in mind that, the food left in the tank, you need to clean it because, if left to rot, it will end up breeding all kinds of bad bacteria that will endanger your betta fish. Generally betta fish will eat the food while it is still available, however do not overfeed. Just estimate your own portion of the meal.

Like all living things, excess food is not good for health. Betta bloating and constipation can easily become very deadly. Skipping a daily meal can actually be very beneficial for your betta fish. If you decide to skip a day, make sure that you do it no more than once per week. That is, feed betta 6 out of 7 days a week. It’s like the fasting, or detoxifying, or whatever you personally know you do not eat for a while.

I think enough to recognize their habit. Now we go with what do betta fish eat?

  1. First, natural foods in their natural habitat is mosquito larva. I feel very dilemma in this case. One side of the mosquito is very dangerous for the health around the environment, the other side larvae can be used as hickey fish feed. It is necessary that mature knowledge to regulate population / breeding mosquitoes without jeopardizing the surrounding environment. And the main problem is that we will not get it in any store.What do betta fish eat
    2. The second is the food they really loves is a live worm. There are brown worms, blood worms and more. I think this is the best alternative feed for betta fish. You should be able to easily find live worms at your local fish store. Notice the portion size when giving it to your hickey fish. Make sure you do not give it too much.What do betta fish eat
    3. Then there are live brine shrimps. If you have a lot of money, you can to try it out occasionally. You can buy it at your local fish shop, and your bettas will love you so much, forever. To be used as a reward only and as I said before, in moderation.
    What do jellyfish eat
    4. Then the most popular and widely used pellet floats. Maybe because it is practical and easy to get.
    There are many sizes of pellets and brands available. So choosing a high quality Betta pellet is important. Always read the ingredients and choose Betta pellets that contain high protein.What do betta fish eat
    5. Then there are also flakes. This feed in my opinion is the last solution, if you find it difficult to feed the above feed. Too much of the generics content contained in flakes is not good for the long-term health of your betta fish.

What do betta fish eat
Beside fish food above I do not recommend it. There is also a question: is betta fish eat bread? Of course this is one of the ones not mentioned above. And the question is: why should you give it away? If you are a betta fish lovers I think it is not a big deal to find one of the above listed feed.

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