What are Coral Reefs Made of: Natural and Artificial Coral Reefs

What are coral reefs made of?

Coral reefs are stunning with their countless shapes and colors. The peculiar looks of some corals make the entire coral reefs appear like a vast garden underwater. The breathtaking prettiness makes us wonder what material creates such amazing beauty.

what are Coral reef made of

Reef structures are mostly constructed out of stony corals. The materials are responsible for the layering and foundation of coral reefs. The stony coral organisms (polyp) will secrete a skeleton of calcium carbonate. That will make the massive reef structures of coral reefs.The polyps are very small but the entire colonies will grow into a huge shape of coral. They colonies can weigh up to several tons. The massive reef is formed by the millions of polyps that create colonies. When they grow on top of the limestone, the polyps form colonies that finally build the coral reefs. The reefs grow so slowly from 0.5 to 2 cm per year. Yet, in a good condition with good sun lighting and desired temperature, the coral reefs can grow up to 4.5 centimeters per year.

What Are Coral Reefs Made of Wiki
In Wiki, we can also search anything related to coral reefs. On wikipedia.org, the coral reefs are made of coral skeleton. Coral colonies are constructing the materials. The corals will be incorporated once other chemical elements contaminate the colonies. The chemical mixture will form calcium carbonate deposits. In addition, aragonite is formed. In order to survive from the storms and other threats, coral reefs also add some shell fragments to the reefs. Besides, the remains of calcareous algae are also added up to the construction of coral reefs. One of the algae that form the protection to the whole coral reefs is the green-segmented genus Halimeda.

What are artificial coral reefs made of?

Artificial reefs are made by human in order to promote marine life. The underwater areas with featureless bottom mostly do not have any construction of coral reefs. Therefore, the artificial reefs are made for controlling erosion, blocking ship passage, and improving surfing. Yet, the most important functions of the artificial coral reefs are to give a shelter and habitat for many marine creatures.

There are two types of materials to build an artificial coral reef. The first type is the materials that are originally not for building the reefs. Sinking oil rugs, sinking ships, and construction debris are some of those materials. Besides, there are also artificial reefs made of constructions that are purposively there to create the coral reefs. Man constructs reef balls out of PVC or concrete.

What compound are coral reefs made of?

From the previous text, we can conclude that coral reefs are composed of the skeleton of coral or stony corals and some kinds of algae. Coral reefs are the home of huge varieties of fish and other marine animals. The natural coral reefs grow slowly. Besides the natural coral reefs, there are also artificial coral reefs that can be made of sinking ships or man-made concrete coral reef balls.

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