Java Moss for Aquarium Plants

Java Moss is a popular, useful and versatile moss which comes from Asia, Malaysia, Java, and India. It can grow on nearly any surface or free floating. It is classified in the Hypnaceae family which consists of ‘sleeper mosses’ which typically exhibit creeping growth. It has tiny lanceolate light to medium green leaves 2-4 mm

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Parasite worms in fish

Knowing Parasite Worms in Fish

As anyone who has tried to maintain a fresh or saltwater aquarium is certainly aware. Fish in captivity are subject to a myriad of health problems. In addition to the often discussed external pathogens, such as protozoa, bacteria, trematodes, etc. Fish may also host internal infestation of parasites. One of a lot type parasites that

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Aquarium Hydrometer

Aquarium Hydrometer or Refractometers

When you decide to keep your lovely fish, make sure to consider where you’re likely to place your aquarium correctly. That thing prevent in case as you grow your own aquarium and learn more regarding your new hobby. Then you’re likely to need to add extra tanks. Tank Setup Attempt to have in mind what

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Aquarium antibiotic

The Best Way Using Aquarium Antibiotic

Knowing the best way to use an antibiotic is one particular thing. Matching the correct aquarium antibiotic to the proper illness is important. Before, the majority of the antibiotics utilized for columnaris are incorporated in sinking feed. Finally, they kill off both positive and negative bacteria. Its important to begin by saying that you won’t

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zeolite aquarium

Zeolite Aquarium Filter

A nice and beautiful aquarium can be seen from the quality of the water. So, it is important for every aquarist to keep the water quality in a clear state. By still paying attention to the mineral content and properties of water in accordance with the fish inside. To help the water stay clear, we

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Apex Aquarium

Apex Aquarium Controller Review

Why Apex? The ideal way to locate your Apex is to discover a system that has port 80 open. The Apex aquarium controller has existed for a year or two and a number of my friends swear by it. This reason alone is sufficient to justify purchasing an Apex. With the Apex Display Module you

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