Anemone Fish : Tomato Clown Fish

The Tomato Clown fish – (Amphiprion frenatus) is a great fish for a beginner or expert. They’re colorful, vibrant, and do very interesting things in the home reef aquarium. In nature they are usually hosting some type of anemone, usually a BTA (bubble-tip-anemone). In the home aquarium they are known however to host very easily corals if no anemone is present. Captive bred species are even better at hosting corals instead of an anemone. In his habitat tomato clown is very like to hosting in coral reefs such as candy cane coral colony, he also hosts with a branching hammer coral at times.

clown fish

In the home aquarium they usually reach only about 3″-3.5″ in length. Though in the wild they can grow around 5 inches. I would consider this around a medium size of clownfish, needing about 30 gallons or more. They are very hardy which makes them great for a new setup. They do have a slight temperment, though usually this only comes out when feeding time. So make sure other shy feeders are getting their fair share of food also. They are a non picky omnivore which will eat most prepared, frozen, & live foods.

If you have captive bred species they can usually be quite easy to breed. Unless if you have a very large tank you should probably only keep one male/female pair in it. The females will be slightly bigger than the male. All tomato clown fish are born as males & the dominate one will change to a female. A beginner should never try to mix different species of clowns in one tank. As they will fight a lot of times. This can be done with a larger tank, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
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