Facts About Betta Fish

Learn These Facts About Betta Fish

Our house will be different once we place a wonderful fish tank full of beautiful fish. Just to sit and watch the fish swimming will give us great enjoyments. We can also educate the children with many things related to nature with the fish tank. We will be able to refresh our room with the pretty fish.The clean tank with the swaying artificial seaweed will slow down our lives and relieve our stress. Most of the time, our mood will be improving as we watch the colorful fish swim around the tank. Thus, we need to fill the tank with the cute and pretty fish with amazing colors.

One of the most stunning fish that we should have is betta fish. Betta fish is originally from Southeast Asia. Betta fish is a wonderful fish that can adapt its surroundings so elegantly. This fish has the exceptional ability to breathe the oxygen from the air. This is so because betta fish is a true labyrinth fish. Well, there are some other facts about betta fish that we need to learn in order to take care of the fish better.

Facts about betta fish

  • Betta is the Name of a Warrior

One of the most facts about betta fish is related to its name. Betta is the name of an ancient warrior. The name suits the fish well because of its excellent fighting ability. The name was invented in the mid-1800s. The brave fish can fight so many countries use the fight to bet. In Thailand, the fight of Betta fish is regulated and taxed. Can you believe that?

  • Betta Fish in an Oxygen Deficient Water

It is true that a labyrinth fish can survive for some period of time out of eater. However, it is not true that a betta fish can live healthily in a tank with oxygen deficient water. The fish can tolerate the small spaces. Besides, it will survive the poor quality water. However, we cannot let the pretty fish live with that minimum health condition. We need to keep the water sufficient with 76-82 degrees F to keep the fish healthy. The water should be at least two gallons and it requires a regular change.

  • Betta Fish and a Small Bowl

Known as well as a Siamese fighting fish, this vibrant fish is often swimming solo in the ornamental vase. However, it is not a good idea to make them live in that small place. The fish is small but it will not live long if it is forced to live in a tiny ornamental vase without any companion.

  • What is for Dinner?

Bettas have to be feed on the water’s surface with a good fish food. It will be better to use pellets because it combines various nutrition that Betta needs. A myth says that to place some plant roots on the water tank will improve Bettas life. That is fake news since Betta fish will need diets full of protein and fiber to live.

In order to care for the fish better, we need to learn the facts about betta fish. Healthy fish on the well-maintained tank will create a stunning decoration for our homes. Also Check another post about ‘ What Do Betta Fish Eat? ‘.

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