Best Substrate For Planted Aquarium

Live plants may be debatable for a beginner but they are not difficult to manage once you get the hang of it. It’s always great if one can categorize the aquarium plants in line with how they grow to. There are several freshwater aquarium plants that are simple to keep for the novices and can provide wonderful outcomes also. Plants play a major part in vegetation. A person may either select plastic plants to increase the tank or can select live ones. There are several different types of aquatic plants. Also there are several substrate for planted aquarium as media for the plants.

No matter which sort of substrate you select it’s important to rinse it completely before adding it to your tank. Substrate might also be utilized as a member of a biological filtration system. Substrates are added to the majority of aquarium principally for the rise in beneficial bacteria this provides. In some aquarium, different substrates are employed in various areas of the tank. Apart from all other considerations, they are frequently selected for their aesthetic qualities. Although there are quite a few aquarium substrates to select from, not all them are recommended for use in the home aquarium.

Substrate for planted aquarium

One of the principal benefits of sand as an aquarium substrate is it to mimic the organic environment of your fish as natural as possible, sand is a terrific substrate to use. There’s an important difference in the substrate employed in a freshwater fish tank and the ones that may be placed in saltwater fish tanks. Although Frequent water changes, substrate must have the ability to keep environment healthy.

All sand isn’t the exact same. Even though it seems very attractive in the home aquarium and it’s generally thought of as cleaner than gravel, there are some drawbacks associated with its use. If it is used as a substrate then if you are using an under gravel filter do not forget that it will probably need additional maintenance than usual. It’s far better use aquarium sand which is available at most pet shops.

Gravel is really the very popular sort of aquarium substrate and it’s also among the least expensive. For freshwater aquaria, it’s the most common substrate. In the end, it’s best and simplest to obtain aquarium gravel sold particularly for aquariums rather than attempting to collect and clean it yourself.

Gravel is most regularly utilized. If you would like to use gravel as substrate in a planted tank, think about including a layer of plant fertilizer beneath the gravel to supply plants with the nutrients they will need to raise and thrive. Aquarium gravel comes in a large number of shapes, sizes and colours so that you can opt to go for a pure appearance by means of your tank or try something a bit more colourful.

For detail, here some list of substrate for planted aquarium which are common in pet shop.


is the cheapest Subtrate and easy to use. But it does not have a complete nutrient for plant growth. To accomplish this, the combination of commercial gravel substrate (eco-complete) is the right choice for plant growth in aquariums.


Common sand types include silica sand, onyx sand, pool sand and others. Almost the same as the gravel but with a smaller size. So do with the ingredients. For maximum results can be mixed with fluorite.


This type is strongly recommended to be combined with gravel or laterite. Because it is rich in minerals. Placed in the bottom layer of the aquarium.


This substrate contains high amounts of iron, very good for your plants.


this Subtrate type price is quite expensive, can be used for a long time without the need to change it. Can be combined with gravel or sand.


Eco-Complete is a commercial substrate that has been adapted to the requirement for an aquascape. Contains all nutrients and essential substances for plant growth.

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