Banded Shark for Aquarium

Most shark for aquarium are found n or near coral reefs, rocky refs, or lagoons. These smaller species will readily fees on vitamin-enriched frozen squid, live  ghost shrimp,and other meaty foods such as ocean shrimp ( must be non-preserved ) and squid. After the sharks have had time to establish, with the typical size on aquarium suitable shark between 2 to 6 feet with up to 16 feet being possible as in the case of nurse shark. One should keep in mind that a tank suitable shark or ray should be at last as wide the shark or ray is long. Often custom acrylic aquarium are need  to properly house all but the smallest shark or ray species.

Shark for aquarium

Banded Shark

This shark is also commonly known as a cat shark because the barbels at the mouth look like cat whiskers. It also referred to as the brown banded bamboo shark. The banded shark is a very popular shark species for aquarium hobbyist.Thus it does not attain as large size as post other shark variety of similarity sized fish. Although a predator  this species can be kept with many different fish species. The banded shark should only be kept with a soft substrate such as sand so as not to scratch or iritate its abdomen.

Physical Description

Banded shark can very in color from black and tan to brown and tan bands. While this species does have a shark look. Its a little less shark like in appearance than Horn, nurse and leopard shark. The dorsal fin it set a ways back on the body which along with its narrow body gives a long slender look to this species. When the fish gets larger, there may be large, muted brown spots between the stripes.

Aquarium Behavior

The banded shark is common in the home as shark for aquarium because of its relativity small size ( 40” ). And moderate temperament although was a bottom dwelling fish types. As a predator, so naturally It will eat small fish and may eat any crustacean or mollusk present in the aquarium. The banded shark stays relatively small, but require at least a 180 gallon or larger aquarium as an adult. Commonly shark species require an aquarium that is at least as wide as the shark is long. The banded shark does not have this requirement as its body is very slender and flexible.

Unlike many shark species the banded shark can be kept easily with other hardy species ranging from tangs and angle fish to groupers. It requires sand as the substrate as the abdomen  us easily scratched by a coarser substrate. Which may lead to an infection it should never be exposed to copper based medications.

Feeding the Shark for Aquarium

When the banded shark is first introduced to the aquarium, it may be difficult to feed it in  the beginning. When introduced to aquarium at the first time. Live saltwater feeder shrimp or small pieces of cleaned squid should be used to entice this fish to eat. When it goes well the banded shark should be feed shrimp, scallops or pieces of fresh marine fish. It’s ideal to feeding banded shark quality foods. Such as whole cookie in the shell, fresh shrimp and squid, and frozen mussel regularly. archive-

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