Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

What does Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish Mean?

When entering a fish shop, we will usually see some tanks with labels. Some of the fish is regarded as semi aggressive. Such label is often confusing. Some people think that aggressive means that the fish is harmful or violent. When it is stated that it is semi aggressive, it means that it will only be a dangerous part of the time. Does that mean that the fish will be calm most of the time? It does not mean so actually.

What it means by semi aggressive is that the fish can endanger other fish under certain circumstances. We might not only have one fish for one bowl. Moreover, if we keep the fish in a big tank, we will have various fish to decorate it. In such situation, the semi aggressive fish will be dangerous. Under certain conditions, the fish will possibly attack other fish. It is possible that the fish eat other fish. Besides, some semi aggressive fish will mischievously chase the other fish. That will cause horrible situations since some fish will be stressful and die due to the act of the semi aggressive fish. Therefore, we need to be very careful in stoking the fish in one tank. If we know how to do it properly, we can keep the aggressive fish peaceful and make a fun community.

How to keep the semi aggressive freshwater fish Safely? What we should do when we want to keep our fish tank healthy and safe is to plan the stock that we want to keep. Now that we know that the fish can cause some harmful effects to other fish, we need to classify the fish well.

  1. Territorial FishSome semi aggressive freshwater fish acts aggressively because it wants to protect its territory. Therefore, we need to give them good tank mates so the aggressive fish will get along comfortably. For instance, we can choose angelfish to keep with gouramis and black-skirt tetras. The reason is simple. Angelfish cannot get along with its kind. It can also endanger small and active fish. If we decide to have gouramis, we need to put some hiding spots in the tank. The hiding spots will help the fish to avoid other dominant fish. That way, we can prevent stressful fish due to the torment of another semi aggressive freshwater fish.Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish 

    2. Big Fish

    We should never put big fish and small fish in the same tank. Our aquarium is not an apartment. There are always possibilities for the big fish to eat the small one. Therefore, big fish can be included as semi aggressive fish if it is to put in the same place with the small ones. That is just a natural instinct that big fish will act that way.

Semi Aggressive freshwater fish

Those are the easy ways to protect our tank. We do not have to avoid buying the semi aggressive freshwater fish because some of the fish are really pretty. The fish will make our aquarium colorful.

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