Puffer Fish vs Blowfish

Puffer fish or blow fish can be a great choice for your fish aquarium. Both are one type of the same fish. There are also called balloonfish, globefish, swellfish. His name is generally not far from his body’s ability to puff/blow. These fish have a different look that makes them easily recognizable. In ordinary or standard circumstances, this fish looks like a small baseball bat. This is often compared to large tadpoles, as far as his appearance is concerned. This fish requires the best water quality, large space and good food. Unfortunately, when you choose a fish with a lot of personality, there is always a chance you will be jolted. So when finding the phrase puffer fish vs blowfish fish it means like me vs myself, lol.

Puffer fish vs blowfish

As some sources have pointed out, blowfish have strong neurotoxin toxins throughout their bodies, and this may be lethal to predators and humans. But in Korea this fish is made into a soup called Bokeo. Known for its inflated appearance. The pufferfish has a large round body with sticky fins. They have four teeth fused in the jaw. There is also a puffer that has only three fused teeth . To help them from predators. They have the ability to inflate themself to a globe several times their normal size  with water or air if there is a threat coming.

Puffer fish can be highly territorial and best kept as a single species that resides in their own tank. Next, the puffer fish is a very messy eater. Because usually they do not eat all their food. this will cause the aquarium filtration to be quickly clogged up by the rest of their food. Therefore, extra care is required for this one thing.

Puffer fish is found in a number of colors but sometimes difficult to recognize when not inflate. Almost all puffer fish contain tetrodotoxin, a substance that makes them sustained and often deadly. Usually there are several deaths reported in Japan each year from eating puffers that are not prepared properly. Puffers are considered more susceptible to disease, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels. Because they do not have squama or gills cover.

Blowfish tooth

Puffer teeth grow throughout their lives. To keep their teeth proportionate they need to be offered hard-shelled live food to keep their teeth worn out. Acceptable foods include shellfish, crustaceans and hard-shelled foods such as snails. When they do not find food that can grind their teeth, they usually chew on coral reefs. Therefore, they are generally not recommended for reef aquariums.

Other names which still one species with puffer fish there are many. Among them are boxfish, porcupine fish. For more details I make more specific as follows:

  1. Pufferfish: black spot puffer, dog face puffer, striped puffer, panther puffer, false eye puffer, sharpnosed puffer.
  2. Boxfish: Boxfish polka-dot, Yellow Boxfish, Blue Spoted Boxfish, Spiny Boxfish ,.
  3. Porcupine: porcupine puffer fish, Striped Burrfish.

That’s all puffer fish vs blowfish for short explanation. Hopefully useful.

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