Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium Discussions

There are two essential factors for a good aquarium. The first factor is hygiene that keeps the fish healthy. Besides, an aquarium should be beautiful so the fish will live happily. We all love to have a big tank with many accessories. The beautiful ornaments will make our fish collections more appealing. Besides, our fish can hide and play behind the ornaments. In addition, we have to place some pool filter sand for aquarium in order to give our fish a good place to live.

Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium

pool filter sand aquarium

Pool filter sand is the right choice for any types of aquarium. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Pool filter has the perfect grain size. The material is a little coarse but they are finer compared to the aquarium gravel.
  2. It is a good idea to use the pool filter sand for giving no harmful effects to the fish. The play sand tends to clump together. In the long run, the sand will produce chemicals that can be harmful to the fish. In addition, it smells bad for to the aquarium; which is bad for the fish.
  3. The pool filter sand makes it easy to clean the left over foods. The debris will stay on top. It will be easy to remove the dirt by vacuuming.

Quikrete Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium

pool filter sand aquarium

Quickrete has several variants of sands for different purposes. We can find all purpose sands, play sand, pool filter sand, and silica sand. For our aquarium, the best sand is the pool filter sand. Some users choose the play sand and the result is terrible. It is actually fine to use the play sand as long as it does not contain the silicate. Some play sand brands will do for the marine tank. But we have to make sure that it contains little silicate or no silicate at all. In the UK, play sands all contain high levels of silicate.

Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium Plants

It is not a good idea to place aquarium plants to grow in the pool filter sand. This is so because the sand does not have any nutrients. Besides, aquarium plants usually get the nutrients from out of the water. So, is there any solution for this? It is better to add a thin layer with soil. Mineralized soil will do to give the plants nutrients. We can make 2 inches topping of sand with ¾ inches layer of soil to do so. Our anubias or stem plants will live healthier with this trick.

Pool filter sand for aquarium substrate

Pool filter sand is basically chemically inert. It has no water chemistry impact. However, some people still question whether this pool filter sand works for an aquarium substrate. We can check the issue and opinions about it through the internet forum. We can check some brands of pool filter sand reviews there. Besides, we can also learn from other member’s experience. It is a good idea to always use a forum to solve many problems with our aquarium and pet fish. Please check my another post about ‘ Pool and Aquarium Sand filter ‘.

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