3 Types of Plants in the Coral Reefs

It is fun to learn about coral reefs. The plants in the coral reefs create a balanced ecosystem. The term plants of coral reefs are traditionally referred to the living creature with photosynthetic forms. The plants are divided into two kinds. The first type is the flowering plants or angiosperms. The other type is algae. However, the modern science found out that the algae cannot longer be considered as plants.

True Plants:

There are only two types of coral reef creatures that can be classified into Mangroves and sea grasses. Those groups are able to grow rapidly. Besides, they have high production rates. Therefore, those coral reef plants play the essential roles to the food webs. In the coral reef systems, mangroves and sea grasses make a substantial contribution. In addition, they also contribute well to reduce the sediment loads in the water. The true plants trap suspended sediments and slow the water movement down.

Plants in the coral reefs biome are truly the crucial component in the ecosystem. Coral reefs are essential to sea animals. The coral reefs provide foods for plenty of sea animals. Besides, they also provide shelters for animals that are hiding from the predator. Besides, the reefs are also the best place for breeding.

The coral reefs are made of both soft and hard coral. Therefore, it is hard for a bare eye to distinguish the real plants and animals in the coral reef biome. The plants and animals kinds in the coral reef biome are the most varied ecosystems. Yet, among the great variety of creatures in the coral reefs, there are only three that can be classified as plants. The appearance and size of the plants in the coral reefs are totally different to the look of normal plants on the land.

Some of the plants are the foods for the corals. So, it literally means plants support its habitat in the coral reef biome. Some other plants are so small that it is classified into a microscopic creature. The others grow as high as trees. The types of plants in the coral reefs are classified into two. But here are further classifications of the plants:

  1. Algae

Algae are the plants that are microscopic. The appearance of the plalooks look like the plants with leaves, stems, and roots. It is no longer a secret that algae are the major sources of foods for various tiny species. There are hundred or perhaps thousands of algae types in the ocean. In the Great Barrier Reef, the greatest coral reef in the world, there are approximately 500 species of algae.

what are Coral reef made of2. Sea Grasses

Sea grasses grows in shallow waters. The areas that are bordered by neighboring lagoons are the habitat of sea grasses. The area is called black reefs; between the shore and the coral reefs. Many sea animals love to live in the sea grasses. Some sea turtles, small fish, manatees, and invertebrate mammals are some that live in the sea grasses.

Plants in Coral reef3. Mangroves

Mangroves are essential to support the fish species and many other organisms. In the entire universe, there are over 50 species of mangroves which roots are the nurseries for many coral reef fish.

Plants in Coral reef

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