Coral for saltwater tank

Coral for Saltwater Tank – Coral Reef Part I

A lot of people who become interested in reef keeping have little or no background knowledge about the marine environment. Often times, beginning hobbyists are those individuals who feel ready to make the transition from freshwater to saltwater aquariums. Although some of the basic principles which apply to a freshwater system remain. Reef microcosms are

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Freshwater Pond Fish

Freshwater Pond Fish Pump Calculation

by Brett Fogle Freshwater Pond fish pumps are the very heart of any fish pond. All water gardens can be enhanced by the addition of water fountains, waterfalls, and other moving-water features. The pond pump is your best friend if you’re planing to create water effects in your pond. Even if you are not planning

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Parasite worms in fish

Knowing Parasite Worms in Fish

As anyone who has tried to maintain a fresh or saltwater aquarium is certainly aware. Fish in captivity are subject to a myriad of health problems. In addition to the often discussed external pathogens, such as protozoa, bacteria, trematodes, etc. Fish may also host internal infestation of parasites. One of a lot type parasites that

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