pool filter sand aquarium

Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium Discussions

There are two essential factors for a good aquarium. The first factor is hygiene that keeps the fish healthy. Besides, an aquarium should be beautiful so the fish will live happily. We all love to have a big tank with many accessories. The beautiful ornaments will make our fish collections more appealing. Besides, our fish

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Aquarium in new Orleans

Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Review

Besides traveling to a unique country, to visit an aquarium will be another great experience. Go to an aquarium and see the various animals over there can give people great refreshment. It will be like visiting another world where pretty fish and sea creature are living. We can also have with our family with this

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What Fish can Live with Bettas

What Fish can Live with Bettas?

Most aquarium fans will ask the questions: What fish can live with bettas? Bettas are possibly the most stunning fish to keep as a pet. The colors make our aquarium looks livelier. In addition, Bettas fish size is perfect for our fish tank. However, it is hard to keep this fish with other kinds of fish.

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Plants in Coral reef

3 Types of Plants in the Coral Reefs

It is fun to learn about coral reefs. The plants in the coral reefs create a balanced ecosystem. The term plants of coral reefs are traditionally referred to the living creature with photosynthetic forms. The plants are divided into two kinds. The first type is the flowering plants or angiosperms. The other type is algae.

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coral reef for kids

Fun Coral Reef Facts for Kids

Kids will love anything about fish and ocean life. It is thus great to tell coral reef facts for kids. Coral reefs are found in the clear water of tropical seas. Coral reefs survive with sunlight. Therefore, coral reefs form in water that near the surface of the sea. The maximum depth is 150 feet

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Discus fish tank mates

Finding Discus Fish Tank Mates

Discus fish is the native of Amazon River basin, South America. This fish has bright and distinctive stripes skin. Therefore, Discus fish are popular as freshwater pets. It will be so pretty to keep the Discus fish in the aquarium or tank. The fish is also popular as pompadour fish. The fish is indeed pretty

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