Koi Fish Price Range

Koi fish price range

Before we discuss about koi fish price range, I will give the type of koi fish that generally sold in the ornamental fish/pet store. Due to the long history of koi fish and well growing in Japan, it is no wonder that the name of koi fish is mostly named japanesse. Here is a list

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Learning How To Take Care of Goldfish

Caring for goldfish is relatively easy, even for a beginner though. There is no need for complicated maintenance such as high-priced fish such as arowana or discus. There a lot of site share how to take care of goldfish, however the important point are: maintaining good water quality, comfortable temperature range, proper fish food, and following

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cool looking freshwater fish

Top 10 cool looking freshwater fish

When you have an aquarium and confuse what fish will be placed in aquarium. I will try to give some suggestions that you might use as a reference to determine the fish for your aquarium. Here’s a list of cool looking freshwater fish I personally think. 1. Discus fish Is a fish that is quite

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Shark fish for aquarium

Shark Fish for Aquarium Discussion

It is wonderful to have small and colorful fish for our aquarium. However, sometimes we have to create unique look so it will be great to use aquarium as our interior decoration. For instance, we can keep shark fish for aquarium. Don’t worry, what is called by aquarium sharks are not real shark. They will

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pool filter sand aquarium

Pool Filter Sand for Aquarium Discussions

There are two essential factors for a good aquarium. The first factor is hygiene that keeps the fish healthy. Besides, an aquarium should be beautiful so the fish will live happily. We all love to have a big tank with many accessories. The beautiful ornaments will make our fish collections more appealing. Besides, our fish

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