Extreme Challenge : Long Island Aquarium Shark Dive

Challenge your adrenaline in the Long Island Aquarium Shark Dive. This will be an adventure of a lifetime. Whether people afraid of the sea life or not, it will be haunting to imagine a school of a dangerous shark swimming around us. The sharks are predators in the ocean and it is so much scary to see the strong jaws. Besides, we will feel the thrilling feeling of seeing the sharp teeth directly.

long island aquarium shark dive

Long island aquarium shark dive review

The Shark Dive offers a special show that challenges people for tasting a different adventure. The aquarium is always admirable as a family trip destination. Kids love to see fish and it will be good to teach them about various water animal species. An aquarium is also a great place for students. Visiting aquarium is always fun especially when special shows are held. Visitors will be able to enjoy the pleasure when mermaid shows are playing. But those experiences can be boring sometimes. Therefore, the aquarium shark dive is created.

The show puts visitors inside a cage. So, it will be quite different to the ordinary aquarium show. It will be similar to a safari tour where the audiences are placed in the cage while the wild animals are freed. The visitors will be put in the middle of circling sharks. Besides the sharks, the visitors can also enjoy other fish swimming around the cage.

The main reason why this Shark Dive is an extreme adventure is that the experience will put the visitor’s nose to nose to the predators. Though the venue is not in the real ocean, the thrilling atmosphere will be there. The area of Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit is filled with 120,000 gallons.

Do visitors need a diving license to enjoy this show?

No, visitors do not have to be licensed. The show is also secured. The trained Shark Dive Instructors will assist all the audiences. However, the visitors should be at least 12 years old to go to the cage. Besides, the audiences of 12 to 17 years old have to be accompanied by the guardians. Parents do not have to be afraid of the security issue since the show has been tested and proven to be secure. Before joining the show, people have to sign and return Liability Waiver to ensure their safety and agreement.

Do the audiences have to bring the diving apparatus?

No, the service includes the diving wetsuit, scuba gears, and the underwater mask as well. Besides, the breathing and communicating apparatus for underwater are also available.

The show is not only entertaining but also helpful for an educational program. Students can learn about sharks and diving lesson at the same time. It is one package of excitement that visitors should take pleasure in. The price is affordable for the amazing adventure. Besides, the price includes souvenir towel, souvenir shark teeth, and photos.

Long island aquarium shark dive coupon

We can get the coupons through the website. Members can pay $160.00 while non-members should a little higher $165.00. Members do not have to pay aquarium admission while non-members need to purchase the aquarium admission.  The tickets taxes will be added for both visitors. Long island aquarium shark dive price is worth the adventure and services. I also post my review about ‘ World Aquarium St Louis ‘.

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