Koi fish price range

Before we discuss about koi fish price range, I will give the type of koi fish that generally sold in the ornamental fish/pet store. Due to the long history of koi fish and well growing in Japan, it is no wonder that the name of koi fish is mostly named japanesse. Here is a list of types / names of koi fish in the common ornamental fish store:

Koi Fish Price Range


  1. Kohaku
  2. Sanke
  3. Showa
  4. Bekko
  5. Utsuri
  6. Asagi
  7. Koromo
  8. Kawarimono
  9. Hikarimoyo
  10. Hikari utsuri
  11. Hikari mujimono
  12. Tancho
  13. Kinginrin
  14. Doitsu
  15. Goshiki
  16. Kage
  17. Butterfly koi ( koi with long fin )

From the many types of koi fish, which has the highest price is butterfly koi. Basically what differentiates koi fish prices is their size and type or pattern. For a small size 2 inch standard grade can be pegged at a price of $ 4.00 and a premium grade of $ 7.50. while for the standard grade size 2-inch butterfly koi it costs $ 7.50 and the premium grade is $ 13.00. for the size of 22 inch standard grade starts at a price of $ 660 and a premium grade of $ 1,000. The standard grade butterfly Koi with the same size is $ 900 while the premium grade is $ 1,760.

The price above is for koi fish with a common color pattern. As for special styles the price can be much higher. Another exception to the championship lineage koi fish cost about $ 10,000. if you want a decent size for your garden pond then the koi fish price range is from $ 20 – $ 80 in the retail market. The beautiful koi at store prices ranges from $ 30 each medium fish and $ 50 each for a large fish.

Tips buying Koi fish

when we will buy the first koi to be considered is the place / means of the seller, do they use the correct filtration system? Test sellers by asking questions about quarantine techniques, koi types / varieties, advantages and disadvantages of koi they offer. If the koi they offer show less healthy symptoms, do not take the risk to buy it.

The quality of the koi is identical to any points applicable in the judging of the koi competition. Its body shape, color, color pattern, and elegance are very closely related to the quality of koi. Getting good quality is a very hopeful thing. And it must be that koi will get a high score if included in the competition. It is a mistake to assume that the value of a koi is only determined by the color pattern of its body or of its magnitude alone.

Although caring for koi fish is not too complicated, but if you are really a beginner, it is highly recommended to start / try it by buying the cheapest variant first. If after walking 3 to 6 months running without significant obstacles, I think that’s enough to put your dream koi fish higher valued.

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