Complete Steps How to Breed Betta Fish

The very best thing about keeping betta fish is that may breed two different colors or types to find a more attractive outcome. When it has to do with learning how to breed betta fish, then you ought to be sure that you understand what you’re doing so as to protect against a great deal of frustration and hardship. Betta fish come at a diverse selection of colors and patterns. Male Betta fish are definitely the very pretty ones, using the bright and beautiful combination of colors.

Before you start breeding betta fish you should take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about it, such as the functions provided in various parts of the breeding process. Betta fish is undoubtedly the most popular fish to have. Breeding of hickey fish may be a very good hobby for everyone, but the process should not be missed.

Breeding of hickey fish is quite easy. Not like breeding Cichlids or goldfish. Breeding Betta fish can be a bit inconvenient if you do not understand the original procedure, along with the required equipment. When you are trying to breed fish, it is very important to understand about its kind. It is not advisable to buy fish from a pet store because it is usually old.

How to breed betta fish

Here are step by step how to breed betta fish:

  • Betta Breeding Equipment List

2 empty 5 gallon aquariums

Sponge filter

Fish net


2 floating live plants

Styrofoam cup

Tank heater

Removable divider

  • Choosing A Breeding Pair

When breeding bettas you should have an idea of the final tail type and/ or colour you would like to achive. A mating pair should be in optimum health/colour and no older than 1 year,6~8 month old would be ideal. Betta genetic can get quite complicated and drawn out, but it is important to remember  thats two main dominant colours are red and blue, and the dominant (undesirable) tail type is veil. Use these tips above when making your pair on your final breeding pair.

  • Breeding Betta Fish Tank Setup

Put the male bettas in to breeding tanks and the female in to another tanks. However don’t use any gravel in the breeding tank and place the live plants in the female tank. The plants will providing the hiding places for the female and to swim around and hide from the male. Live plants ensure the male doesn’t catch the female too easily. The plants also become a food source for the fry. Organism will grow on the plants that are small enough for the fry to eat. Float the styrofoam cup securely in the breeding tank. Make sure the tank has cycled completely and there is as much beneficial bacteria in the sponge filter as possible. Finaly set the aquarium heater to 26.7oC (80o F ).

  • How To Condition Bettas For Breeding

When you are ready to start breeding yopur betta fish, you need to condition your bettas. To do this you need to start feeding them with live food. Such as: blood worms, live brine shrimp or crickets. Do this for about one week before introducing the bettas one to another.

  • Introduce The Breeding Pair

Move the male and female so they can see each other clearly but with separately. Try placing the tank  next to each other, or place them in oposite side of the tank with a divider inthe breeding tank. It’s very important to watch carefuly their behavoiur. You need to see if they are interested in one another or if they are fighting. If this things goes well, it will comes signal from male betta, like : flaring, create his large bubble nest, chasing the female bettas. Otherside, the signals from the female bettas would be like : a small white egg tube will stick out just behind the ventral fin. Certical stripes may appear on her body. Chasing the male. She will move in to position with her head down.

If these signals showed, it mean they are ready to start mating. Then remove the divider.

  • Removing The Divider

After release the female in to the male tank, be sure to keep an eye to them. The male will probabilly bully her by napping at her fins and chasing the female around. This can take several hours or even a days

  • How To Mate Betta Fish

Once the male cathces the female he will wrap his body around the female and attempt fertilizatio. It will take a few attempt as the male sometimes drop the female. As the female start to drop the eggs the male will catch them and put them in his nest. Sometimes the female may try to eat the eggs . if you notice this, just remove her. If the female is not interested in the male betta  they may destroy the bubble nest. And you better to find another breeding pair.

  • Removing The Female Betta Fish

When the female finish releasing the eggs and the eggs are placed in the bubble nest, it’s time to replace the female back to her original tank. Leave the male in the tank until the fry can swim around (about 3 days after fry start hatching)and it better to not feeding the male betta. Keep the tank light on day and night.

  • Caring For The Betta Fry

After the fry free swimming and have lost their yolk-sacs. You can start feed them infusoria. After a few days they should be able to eat baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels or microworms.

Keep water quality up by change water frequently with the same temperature and parameters.  When change the water do carefully with the fry. ( credit to : Syed Muhammad Shukrillah Syed Hashim )


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