Hand Feeding Koi Fish

Koi fish have a character that is rarely owned by other fish is their lack of fear at humans, maybe we used to call it with the term ‘benign’. But surely not to everyone does that. Only if the people they find will not going to harm them and you are the one who feeds them, they will even eat directly from your hand if done with the proper exercise and right technique. Hand feeding koi fish can be one of the most enjoyable and most entertaining experiences.

Hand Feeding Koi Fish

Like all wild common animals, their instinct in the wild is to survive from other predators. So at first time koi fish will certainly fear of you is a natural thing. With a little patience and proper techniques koi fish can be easily tamed. You must build trust with your Koi.

Koi fish attract many children with bright and beautiful colors. Koi fish are also active but not aggressive, so it will not be harmful to children. Thus you can involve children to hand feeding koi fish. And of course the children will be very happy with them.

Koi fish spend all day to eat, and will only stop when the night time. As an omnivorous animal koi fish will eat anything in the pond. They can not distinguish good food or bad for themselves. Also they can not know when they should stop eating other than at night. We as koi fish keepers must control their food regularly, correctly and certainly nutritious. So that our Koi fish are always in good health and prime. With its omnivorous nature of course we have many choices of food for koi fish. With a little creations you can make different food menu every day if you want. Pay attention to not give them hard-textured foods that are hard to digest for fish.

Train your koi fish

Now we begin the technique of hand feeding koi fish. The first step is to start slowly and never make a sudden movement that will surprise and scare your fish. soak a little fish food in your hand into the pond, then release the food. For a few times the fish will probably just spying it. Until finally felt no threat, then the fish will begin to approach and eat it. This may take several days to a week.

Once they start to be familiar with the presence of your hand in the pool. You can continue to hold the fish food in your hand. if the fish refuse to take food from your hands, then do not give the fish a meal on that day. This process is to stimulate their response that they require to take food from your hand if they want to eat. Doing this every day will make them feel good about you.

Food is our main intermediary with wild animals to interact. Another major factor is calmness and tenderness. If you already have food, calm and softness then tame koi fish is a very easy thing, of course, done by the proper technique.

After the koi fish get used to hand feeding, you can teach the people around to do the same and feel the same sensation.

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