Fun Facts about Jellyfish

fun facts about jellyfish

Jellyfish has immensely varieties of forms and kinds. Jellyfish and jelly-like sea creatures are included to the phylum Cnidaria. This phylum covers 10,000 species. That is pretty amazing already. Jellyfish is fabulous sea creature that is also now a trend as a pet. It is dangerous for its electric sting. However, it is amazing to see how animals can look so pretty with the transparent color. Aside from those amazements, let’s check the other fun facts about jellyfish.

Glow in the Dark

There are actually many sea creatures that glow in the dark. However, they are usually live in a deep sea. But jellyfish lives in the surface and glows wonderfully. Many jellyfish can look so because of the bioluminescent organs. Light emitted from the bodies of jellyfish looks so beautiful. Yet, the light is not a good idea for the prey. And the glowing bodies can distract predators and help jellyfish to survive.

The Immortality of Jellyfish

Jellyfish has two phases of life. The first one is the stationary polyp. The second is Medusa phase when the jellyfish show mobility. The jellyfish that we refer is normally the second phase. Jelly fish is then called as immortal because they can go back to the first stage. Whenever they are stressed, they will go back to polyp phase. Well, normal fish will die when feeling stressed.

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Other fun facts about jellyfish for preschooler relates to this species. Why is it called Meanie? No, it is not the one that stung Dory in her travel to Sidney. It is Drymonema Larsoni, an aggressive jellyfish with a special color that got that nickname.

There are various other fun and perhaps hilarious facts about jellyfish. Besides all of those facts, we can also find other facts for certain jellyfish species. Here are two of them:

  • Fun Facts about Moon Jelly Fish

Scientists have mentioned that some species of mood jellyfish has been living in the universe for million years. That makes is understandable why jellyfish can adopt so many survival challenges. In addition, moon jellyfish is unique because of its movement. It does not like using energy to move. Therefore, it lives in water that has a constant wave. They spend their whole life floating and drifting through the sea.

Just like common jellyfish, moon jellyfish does not have any brain. Besides, they have only as 5% solid body parts. They are called jellyfish for a reason.

  • Fun Facts about Box Jelly fish

The box jellyfish is so hazardous. An ounce of this jellyfish’ venom can kill more than 50 humans. After getting the venom, a man will die within three minutes. It is one of the most deathly sea creatures. It is noted that 5,000 or more victims die since 1954 due to the sting of box jellyfish. Jellyfish is regarded as more dangerous than crocodiles and snakes.

Those are the fun facts about jellyfish that will help us to reveal more secrets about the jellyfish. Jellyfish is indeed a mysterious sea creature that has so many unique characters.

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