Cichlids Fish

Cichlids Fish Family

Fish are by far among the greatest pets on earth. Though in a large dimension, the fish is quite agile. Beside, aquarium fish will definitely help you calm your nerves and offer a peaceful, serene environment in your own residence. If you are really want to buy an aquarium. Then the community fish are the

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Facts of Arowana Fish

The Facts of Arowana Fish

High value fish The first and famous facts of arowana fish is, It’s possibly the most expensive fish on earth on the grounds of the maximum dollar amount ever paid for a single fish. It’s seen as the representative of unlimited wealth. In Chinese culture, this fish is deemed prosperous since it resembles a dragon,

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Best betta fish

Determining and Knowing The Best Betta Fish

Everybody wants the best betta fish for personal collection. Sure, there are some criteria for that. In this opportunity, i’ll try to describe basic line for those criteria. Basically, it depends to their looking and behavior. I assume that everyone could distinguish the good looking betta fish. then here i only explain of their behavior.

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Betta fish care guide

Basic Betta Fish Care Guide

If you’re planning on maintaining some of advance level fish, then be sure you have enough knowledge about it. This manner in which the fish might have a disease or healthy problems, then we have no panic for it. Indeed, having Discus fish into your aquarium might be a fantastic and fulfilling avocation for as

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what fish can live with bettas

Fish for Small Tanks

Before buying your fish there are particular things you need to review. So there you’ve got this, either pick a single sort of fish and match with your aquarium. In case you needed to select a single fish to begin with. It could be good if trying with a White Cloud Mountain Minnow. Make certain

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difference between koi and goldfish

Learning Basic Koi Keeping

Koi keeping is a very popular hobby in America since a long time ago. These fish are beautiful, looks like goldfish but it’s different species. koi is vibrant fish that can literally light your day. Koi fish consist of many colors, varieties, and kinds, thus everyone in the world can find at least one type

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