The Facts of Arowana Fish

High value fish

The first and famous facts of arowana fish is, It’s possibly the most expensive fish on earth on the grounds of the maximum dollar amount ever paid for a single fish. It’s seen as the representative of unlimited wealth. In Chinese culture, this fish is deemed prosperous since it resembles a dragon, the conventional symbol of terrific luck. Arowana fish, also thought of as dragon fish, can be a superb selection for everyone who thinks big.

Arowana fish isn’t simple to breed and it’s also highly adaptable to its environment due to its inconstant nature. The Arowana fish isn’t difficult to keep, but hard to master in regards to bringing out its very best colors. Arowana fishes often tend to swim in the top layer of the water, and as they’re capable of leaping, they’re even able to jump from the aquarium so an extremely tight secure lid is necessary. Bottom tank decor isn’t important. In additionally it’s better to put some branches above the water line to break up the lid and light.

Facts of Arowana Fish

To prevent droop eye, ensure you keep the fish in good shape, calm and balanced nutrition. Also avoid to feed them with sinking food. These fish are renowned for their bony tongue. but it can likewise be costly to feed these fish. Baby Arowana Fish needs to be fed maybe 3 times every day, medium sized two times each day, and adults once per day, or even once every other moment. These Arowana Fish can get aggressive towards similar species and ought to be kept alone in the aquarium tank unless it’s monumental. Smaller fish that will fit in the Arowana mouth will be eaten. To train them to eat food that’s not live, You may need to starve the fish for up to many weeks.

To keep this fish it require Advanced Aquarist Experience Level. But if it challenging you, I suggest you keep the cheapest one ( Silver arowana / Brazil ). Except you have no worried about bucks, then you feel free to decide.
If you’re considering getting one of those fish then its length has to be taken under consideration. Also the fish has to be seen as a whole. These fish can live up for 20 years at a house aquarium. in the wild we’ve found fact that arowana fish can be reach 120 cm in length. but in aquarium usually reaching about 60 – 78 cm. These territorial fish shouldn’t be kept with different Scleropages except at a really large aquarium.

Arowana fish types and origin

Asian Arowana is a native species of rivers in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. There are four color varieties in diferrent place:
* Green found in Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia
* Gold with a red tail found in Indonesia
* Gold found in Malaysia
* Red found in Indonesia
* The Silver Arowana are found in South America. They also can be found in the Amazon River and Basin.
That’s it little bit facts of arowana fish. Hope this may helpful.

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