The Facts about Coral Reefs that You Won’t Believe

Coral reefs are definitely one of the most gorgeous natural wonders on earth. The coral reefs should be more than a tour definitely. Coral reefs are like the world of fairy. Human should be grateful that God creates such amazing beauty under the sea. We have seen the prettiness of coral reefs from various oceans in the world through documentary shows. Coral reefs are the stunning underwater ecosystem with 80 percent sea animal species. To learn the facts about coral reefs is also exciting.

Facts About Coral Reefs

1.      Do you know why any reef is called barrier? It is simply because of its main function to protect the plant and animal of the sea. It keeps the shallow water along the coast from a beach.

2.      A coral reef is a community of huge lives. There are various mutualism relationships between various sea animals and plants within the coral reef.

3.       The entire coral reef shape is formed by the cluster of polyps. The hard shell of the reef is not a stone but animal that is called polyp.

4.      Coral reefs grow very slowly in size. Therefore, the visible reefs like in the Great Barrier Reef Australia are so old. The age can be 5 and 10,000 years old. That is totally amazing.

5.      The Great Barrier Reef consists of nine hundreds of smaller reefs.

Facts about Coral Reefs Dying

It is so sad to see the fact that 35% of the entire reefs of the Great Barrier Reefs are damaged due to the effects of bleaching. The corals in the north area of reefs receive too hot temperature during summer times. The reefs are exposed to warm water for months. That condition creates an unbearable heat stress.

The damage to coral reefs is caused by the climate change. That is a fact that we need to solve soon. Bleaching happens due to the warm ocean water. The stressful corals gradually expel the tiny algae that produce the colors in the corals. If the tiny algae of zooxanthellae that live inside the coral’s tissue are expelled, the corals will lose their colors. The white corals will soon look damaged. That corals are dying.

We can learn the facts about coral reefs from various media through the internet. Facts about coral reefs wikippedia will also be a helpful site to dig the information.

Facts about Coral Reefs Biomes

There are many interesting facts about coral reefs biomes. One of the unique facts is that The Great Barrier Reef is so large that it can be seen from outer space. Besides, the diversity of sea creatures live in the different coral reefs vary depending on the latitude and water direction.

Facts about Coral Reefs in Danger

The fact that the coral reefs are in danger is so ironical and heartbreaking. The world keeps using the ocean for tourism and source of foods but we cannot do anything to prevent the damage. Starting from the smallest thing to reduce the effect of global warming, we can start reducing the negative impacts of global warming from now on.

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