Finding Discus Fish Tank Mates

Discus fish is the native of Amazon River basin, South America. This fish has bright and distinctive stripes skin. Therefore, Discus fish are popular as freshwater pets. It will be so pretty to keep the Discus fish in the aquarium or tank. The fish is also popular as pompadour fish. The fish is indeed pretty for an aquarium. However, we still need to place some fish mates for the Discus fish. It is essential to find the perfect discus fish tank mates for the beautiful fish. The mates should not endanger the Discus fish.We need to make the Discus fish priority. It is thus crucial to keep the Discus comfortable to live with other fish.

Discus fish tank mates

We have to be sure that Discus fish mates can live in the same water parameter. We need to make the mates live well with Discus fish. In addition, we have to check whether the mates’ temperature fits Discus fish. Besides, we have to pick the mates based on the size.

Discus Fish Tank Mates List

1. Cardinal Tetras

Discus Fish Tank Mate

This is one of the best companions for Discus fish aquarium. The fish is a native of tropical water. The group of fish looks cheerful. Therefore, it will be great to mix this fish with the Discus. In addition, Cardinal Tetras are a perfect choice because they can live in warm water comfortably. Acidic water will be no problem for the Cardinal Tetras. The best character of Cardinal Tetras is its calmness. Dither fish like Cardinal will not bother bigger-sized fish like Discus.

2. Corydoras Catfish

Discus Fish Tank Mate

It will also be beautiful to add some Corydoras Catfish to the tank. The combinations of Discus Fish and Corydoras Catfish look stunning and colorful. Besides, the fish will be helpful to clean up the tank. The maintenance will be easier. The fish will roam around the tank and eat the particles of foods. This behavior will make the Discus fish happier. This is so because the water will keep clean and comfortable for all fish in the tank. Corydoras also like to live in warm water. Yet, we should never put in a high temperature: 82-83 degrees are the most comfortable for the fish.

3. Ancistrus

Discus Fish Tank Mate

This is another good mate for the Discus fish. Ancistrus will clean the tank by eating algae that form in the tank. In order to give Ancistrus a good place to live in, we need to add some Ancistrus diet with algae wafers regularly.

Discus Fish Tank Mates Compatibility

The best way to find the right discus fish tank mates, we need to check the tank mates compatibility completely. We can get the complete list through some fish lover’s forums online.

  • The tank size should be a minimum of 55. The bigger the size, the better will be.
  • Besides the aforementioned fish mates, other tank mates such as Neon tetra and Rummy nose tetra also a great choice.
  • The Cleaners are varied including Ortocatts and Corries.
  • The plants for the tanks can be chosen from Amazon Sword, Crypts, Jungle Vail, to Cobamba.
  • The foods are crucial and the options are frozen beef heart or flake, pellets, or frozen brine shrimp.

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