Fun Coral Reef Facts for Kids

Kids will love anything about fish and ocean life. It is thus great to tell coral reef facts for kids. Coral reefs are found in the clear water of tropical seas. Coral reefs survive with sunlight. Therefore, coral reefs form in water that near the surface of the sea. The maximum depth is 150 feet from the sea surface. There are at least three types of coral reefs; fringing reefs, barrier reefs, and atolls. The unique fringing reefs are along shorelines of continents or islands.This type of reefs is usually found in Hawaii and Caribbean. Meanwhile, barrier reefs are found in many seas in Indo-pacific. With the length of 12000 miles, the largest reef in the world is in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

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Coral Reef Facts for Kids: the Habitat

The coral reefs like warm water. The temperature should between 68 – 82°F. The location is often along the eastern shores of land. The coral reefs are apparently waiting for the sun all the time. In addition, coral reefs usually love to grow in the area with frequent waves. It is important because the waves enable coral reefs to get nutrients and foods. The wave’s movement also creates good oxygen circulations that are required for a healthy habitat. The waves are good for preventing sediment to fall on the reefs. The reason why coral reefs grow in the shallow water is that of the plenty of calcium supplies. Coral reefs need the calcium so much to grow well.

Coral Reef Facts for Kids: The Plants

The coral reefs build a wonderful ecosystem of plants and animals. The sun is the main source of energy for the life of coral reefs plants. There are several kinds of plants that live in the coral reefs; they are plant-plankton, algae, and many others. The plants convert sun light into chemical energy in order to do photosynthesis. Reefs work together with the microscopic algae (zooxanthellae) that create oxygen and food. In addition, the coral reefs’ plants such as sea grass and algae are the essential element of the coral reefs. Many fish depends on the plants as a shelter and habitat.

Coral Reef Facts for Kids: The Animals

The numbers of the animals in coral reefs are dramatically varied. In just two acres, the coral reefs species in South East Asia are more varied compared to the species of birds on the North America continents. Though coral reef is only a small amount of the entire ocean floor, it has many species population in it. It has been listed based on a research that nearly 25% of fish species live in the coral reefs. Coral reefs are always the comfortable home for sea anemones and sea jellies. Besides, small fish also use the place to hide from the predators.

Kids can easily learn about the coral reefs through documentaries and animated movies. Besides, there are many videos that show about its colorful and stunning beauty. To teach the kids the beauty of life through the coral reefs will be so much valuable.

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