Top 10 cool looking freshwater fish

When you have an aquarium and confuse what fish will be placed in aquarium. I will try to give some suggestions that you might use as a reference to determine the fish for your aquarium. Here’s a list of cool looking freshwater fish I personally think.

  1. Discus fish

Is a fish that is quite popular for freshwater fish lovers. This fish is Amazon river origin, Brazil. With a unique shape, thin and round like a dish or disc with bright colors and a variety of patterns. The Discus should be kept only by an experienced fish keeper. They are notoriously difficult to keep and have a reputation of intimidating even very experienced aquarists.

Big freshwater aquarium fish
2. Betta fish

This tiny fish is also so popular and so many fans even children to adulthood though. The price is affordable and care is not so difficult can be the right choice for a beginner.

what fish can live with bettas
3. Angle fish

The original name is Pterophyllum, a native fish of the amazon river. Also has a unique shape and style that is quite diverse. Looks like this fish fits paired with any other type of freshwater fish, avoid the type of predator.

cool looking freshwater fish
4. Arowana

Of course this super star is not to be missed. But because the price, which can make us forced to miss it. There are many color choices with different prices according to the color and type. Arowana fish is a type of predatory fish.

Big freshwater aquarium fish
5. GoldFish

This fish has many variants, including: comet goldfish, bubble eye goldfish, black moor goldfish and many other types. This fish is one of easy to care. Goldfish are cold water fish and do best at temperatures between 18°-22° C (65°-72° F) and goldfish are easy to breed and their fry are not difficult to rear. To keep this cool looking freshwater fish use minimum 15 gallon tank.

cool looking freshwater fish
6. Flowerhorn Cichlid

One type of fish that has a very thick oval body with a protruding nuchal hump on the head. These fish are very easy to care for and can tolerate many environments which would be too harsh for many other fish. They are carnivore and will eat just about anything meaty and protein based food they are offered.

cool looking freshwater fish
7. Knifefish

This fish has a unique body shape like a knife as the name implies. His predatory character allows him to move quickly to capture his prey. But unfortunately this fish is a type of nocturnal animals active at night.

cool looking freshwater fish
8. Catfish

This type of fish is mostly nocturnal that is active at night. Everything has a long mustache and that’s why it’s called cat fish. This fish also has many types, colors and patterns. But most of them are dark colors. Some are ferbivores and some are carnivorous. So for the umpteenth time, carefully determine the type of fish you will place in your tanks. At least you know the basic character of the fish you like.

cool looking freshwater fish
9. Puffer fish

One of the fish that has a very unique shape resembles a toad in my opinion. As the name implies, Puffer Fish has the ability to ‘expand’ itself with water or air if threatened. For the treatment, because the fish is quite susceptible to disease, it is not recommended for beginners to maintain it. It needs more attention to puffer fish care in order to grow and develop well.

cool looking freshwater fish
10. Gourami

The latter is a type of fish that is tough and can be large enough to live long. It is suitable for beginners because not paying too much attention to water quality is not a problem. Overall this is a fish that is not lightweight with a calm nature, suitable paired with other types of fish except for aggressive fish such as cichlids.

Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

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