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Eartworms culture

Make “cheap” Live Fish Food : Worm Cultures

I’ve got a real bad case of Spring fever and Summer is just around the corner. It looks to get…

species mantenance

Species Maintenance for Dummies

The important thing to realise about a Species Maintenance Program is that the aquarist is trying to do just that,…

wild bog plants

Collecting Wild Bog Plants

Collecting wild bog plants not only gives you first hand knowledge on how and where they grow, but is also…

Parasite worms in fish

Knowing Parasite Worms in Fish

As anyone who has tried to maintain a fresh or saltwater aquarium is certainly aware. Fish in captivity are subject…

What is hexamita in fish

What is Hexamita / Spironucleus? Symptoms and Treatment

Single cell Organisms, Protozoa. What is Hexamita? “Synonym Octomitus” is a very small flagellate whose length is approximately 7 to…

Aquarium Hydrometer

Aquarium Hydrometer or Refractometers

When you decide to keep your lovely fish, make sure to consider where you’re likely to place your aquarium correctly….

Aquarium antibiotic

The Best Way Using Aquarium Antibiotic

Knowing the best way to use an antibiotic is one particular thing. Matching the correct aquarium antibiotic to the proper…

zeolite aquarium

Zeolite Aquarium Filter

A nice and beautiful aquarium can be seen from the quality of the water. So, it is important for every…

Apex Aquarium

Apex Aquarium Controller Review

Why Apex? The ideal way to locate your Apex is to discover a system that has port 80 open. The…

What does catfishing mean

Revealing Three Different Meanings of the Term “Catfishing”

What does catfishing mean? There are actually two meanings of the term. The first meaning is related to a literal…