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Shark fish for aquarium

Shark Fish for Aquarium Discussion

It is wonderful to have small and colorful fish for our aquarium. However, sometimes we have to create unique look…

Big freshwater aquarium fish

Opt for These Big Freshwater Aquarium Fish

There are many reasons why we should have an aquarium for decorating our interior. Yet, the most glaring reason is…

What Fish can Live with Bettas

What Fish can Live with Bettas?

Most aquarium fans will ask the questions: What fish can live with bettas? Bettas are possibly the most stunning fish…

Discus fish tank mates

Finding Discus Fish Tank Mates

Discus fish is the native of Amazon River basin, South America. This fish has bright and distinctive stripes skin. Therefore,…

fun facts about jellyfish

Fun Facts about Jellyfish

Jellyfish has immensely varieties of forms and kinds. Jellyfish and jelly-like sea creatures are included to the phylum Cnidaria. This…

fun facts about jellyfish

What Do Jellyfish Eat?

Today, we have many alternatives to put in our aquarium. We can keep many freshwater fish and sea animals as…

Semi Aggressive freshwater fish

Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

What does Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish Mean? When entering a fish shop, we will usually see some tanks with labels….

what fish can live with bettas

Facts About Betta Fish

Learn These Facts About Betta Fish Our house will be different once we place a wonderful fish tank full of…

What do betta fish eat

What do Betta Fish Eat?

Before discussing what do betta fish eat, first we recognize the behavior and habits of betta fish. First, ideally betta…