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Shark for aquarium

Banded Shark for Aquarium

Most shark for aquarium are found n or near coral reefs, rocky refs, or lagoons. These smaller species will readily…

clown fish

Anemone Fish : Tomato Clown Fish

The Tomato Clown fish – (Amphiprion frenatus) is a great fish for a beginner or expert. They’re colorful, vibrant, and…

freshwater shrimp tank

How To Start a Freshwater Shrimp Tank

Freshwater shrimp are growing in popularity, becoming readily available and some companies are producing special “shrimp” tanks. I will go…

Best betta fish

Betta Fish in Community Tank

I’m writing this article as there seems to be some misinformation about the Betta also know as the Fighting Fish….

Metronidazole for fish

Is Metronidazole For Fish Was Effective?

One of Mentronidazole usability is an antibiotic medication for dogs and other animals that can be used in treating bacterial…

Amazon monster fish

Amazon Monster Fish Tank

Dr. X stated that not one of the Amazon monster fish are endangered within this region of the Amazon. Also…

Different types of freshwater fish

Different Types of Freshwater Fish and Their Behavior

Basically, fresh water fish can be located in a variety of sizes, shapes and appealing colors. Indeed, you are easily…

Cold Water Fish

Know More About Cold Water Fish Species

Fish can be split into three groups. They are specified by different sizes, shape, and colors. As natural animal character…

Cichlids Fish

Cichlids Fish Family

Fish are by far among the greatest pets on earth. Though in a large dimension, the fish is quite agile….

Facts of Arowana Fish

The Facts of Arowana Fish

High value fish The first and famous facts of arowana fish is, It’s possibly the most expensive fish on earth…