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Coral for saltwater tank

Have to Know Coral Reef Basic Knowledge- Coral Reef Part III

Finally.. we have reached the last article of coral reef series. Hopefully, those of you who are taking the time…

Coral for saltwater tank

Best Beginner Corals and Its Characteristic – Coral Reef Part II

In previous coral reef post, I stressed the need for superb water quality. Some of you may have wondered why many…

Coral for saltwater tank

Coral for Saltwater Tank – Coral Reef Part I

A lot of people who become interested in reef keeping have little or no background knowledge about the marine environment….

Saltwater Coral for Beginners

Saltwater Coral for Beginners

The reefs surrounding islands form when islands subside in the ocean. And atolls form after an island subsides under the…

Facts About Coral Reefs

The Facts about Coral Reefs that You Won’t Believe

Coral reefs are definitely one of the most gorgeous natural wonders on earth. The coral reefs should be more than a tour…

what are Coral reef made of

What are Coral Reefs Made of: Natural and Artificial Coral Reefs

What are coral reefs made of? Coral reefs are stunning with their countless shapes and colors. The peculiar looks of…

Plants in Coral reef

3 Types of Plants in the Coral Reefs

It is fun to learn about coral reefs. The plants in the coral reefs create a balanced ecosystem. The term…

coral reef for kids

Fun Coral Reef Facts for Kids

Kids will love anything about fish and ocean life. It is thus great to tell coral reef facts for kids….