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kind of lights

How Do I Get the ‘Right’ Amount and kind of Light at The Lowest Cost?

What fixtures and lamps can get you this magical mix of spectral quality with the most impressive of ease? And…

aquarium lighting parameters

Aquarium Lighting Parameters

Why is All This So Important? We divide the aquarium lighting parameters into three things. Now get this; as EMR,…

Facts About Coral Reefs

Setting Up a Reef Tank – Build The Aquatic Environment

One summer day I said to my wife, it’s time to expand to a bigger tank- and she said, it’s…

all glass tank

Making All Glass Tanks

I visited various websites recently and looked over the various issues regarding tank manufacture from either glass or wood. Having…

Breeding Fish tanks

Breeding Fish FAQ – part II

Breeding Tanks “My fish just laid eggs. How do I keep the eggs or babies from being eaten?” The most…

freshwater Aquarium plants

Echinodorus amazonicus, and Echinodorus bleheri

Eсhіnоdоruѕ Amazonicus This bеаutіful рlаnt іѕ also known аѕ Eсhіnоdоruѕ brevipedicellutus. It originates іn Brazil аnd the mіd tо lоwеr…

Freshwater Aquarium Plants Guide

Java Moss for Aquarium Plants

Java Moss is a popular, useful and versatile moss which comes from Asia, Malaysia, Java, and India. It can grow…

Biorb aquarium kit

BiOrb Aquarium Kit is Good for Beginners

Aquariums have existed for thousands of years. A massive aquarium is most suitable for beginners since they’re a good deal…

saltwater aquarium guide

4 Main Point When Stocking Marine Aquarium

When stocking a saltwater fish aquarium, there are four main areas to consider before you invest in your first fish….

freshwater shrimp tank

How To Start a Freshwater Shrimp Tank

Freshwater shrimp are growing in popularity, becoming readily available and some companies are producing special “shrimp” tanks. I will go…