Steps to build a perfect Koi Pond

Step 1 – Provide a conducive environment

a beautiful and healthy koi pond certainly starts with the pond itself. Not only build a pond that is only pleasing to the eye, but also must give priority to the occupants. Proper placement, size, and type of pool are important when building your pool. For the size of the pond, it is recommended as large as possible the size of the pool that can be made. Because koi fish is growing quickly, especially with very conducive conditions. Once the pond size is determined, you will estimate the ideal number and size of the koi you will plant into the pond.

If you are unsure about the construction and landscape of koi ponds and their maintenance. You should consult to the experts.Instead you save money by building your own pool. If your pool is not built the right way for the first time, you will end up investing a large amount of cash to fix any problems that arise. Not only that, if your pool is not in the right setting, you can not even keep the fish alive. When you decide to use professional services, be careful not to be tempted by low-priced quotes.

Usually the price below the average can reduce the angle that could potentially cause you trouble later. It’s important to know that their job is to give you what you want, of course with their referrals and knowledge, decisions can change. but in the end, they will do whatever you want too. As a result, you can not blame them if your pool fails to locate, size, or other reasons.

Koi Pond

Step 2 – Learn how to keep koi fish

In today’s information age, various kinds of information are easily obtained from various sources. So do not be lazy to explore knowledge, but it is important also to note the source of info we’ve got. My best advice is to learning by doing. Thus the knowledge that we get can be directly applied. It is important to remember that distributing hobbies without adequate knowledge will only spend your money worthless. Note, the key word is ‘knowledge is power’.

Step 3 – choose Koi

Before you decide to buy koi fish to plant in the pond you have built perfectly. I suggest to buy small and not too many koi. As explained above that koi fish grows very quickly. Try to also buy a cheap variant first in anticipation for unexpected things happen. An important point in this case is, overpopulation can cause serious problems to your koi pond.

Step 4 – Prevent Common Koi Pond Problems

Before plannting new fish in your already healthy koi population, you should quarantine first to prevent the spread of virus or certain diseases. Because it could have koi fish have a disease without showing the symptoms are striking.
Do water testing at least once a week, pay close attention to the differences in your fish’s behavior with the different values ​​of your water testing. Thus you can determine the appropriate water for your koi pond. By doing the simple preventive steps above, I think it is enough to keep your koi pond healthy.

Step 5 – Feeding Your Koi

Feeding your Koi is one of the nicest parts to do. Ask the nearest fish store for the type and quantity of fish food that is good for your fish. One thing is for sure, over feeding is not good for your fish. The Koi fish diet changes with season and temperature. Koi which is a species of omnivorous species can also be fed like fruit, vegetables, bread, or anything else that we commonly eat. Koi fish can eat food directly from our hands, if trained and conditioned patiently of course. And if you are accustomed, it will make a pleasure for you.

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