Opt for These Big Freshwater Aquarium Fish

There are many reasons why we should have an aquarium for decorating our interior. Yet, the most glaring reason is to get some refreshments. We can have only a small bowl to keep our gold fish. Besides, we can purchase a big aquarium to keep various fish. The biggest the aquarium the more beautiful it will be. We can enjoy colorful fish inside the aquarium with the pretty landscape. The first species are varied as well. We can choose both small and big fish for coloring our aquarium. If we are planning to have a big fish tank, we need to opt for big freshwater aquarium fish that looks perfect for it.

We have to learn the character of fish in order to keep it optimally. Additionally, we have to know the survival capabilities and the best living atmosphere for the fish. Here are some types of big freshwater fish to choose from:

  1. Discus

Discus fish tank mates

This fish is the native to the Amazon River basin. The colors are bright and the patterns are cute. It is beautiful to have the Discus fish since they have the wide variety of the stunning colors. The fish have been popular for at least 4 decades. They are easy to maintain and can survive well. The fish can grow to 8- 10 inches. It is also beautiful to have this fish because of their special behavior. Unlike other fish, Discus can recognize the owners. Besides, they can also greet with their special gesture.

2. Arowana

Semi Aggressive freshwater fish

It is a big fish with 48 inches in the wild. In the captivity, the fish can grow to 30 inches. Therefore, we need to have a big tank for keeping it. The size should be at least 4ft x 4ft. It is better if we can have a larger aquarium. It is crucial to give them sufficient space to swim and turn around. What do they eat? Arowana eats live fish like crabs and shrimp. We can also feed them with bugs, frozen foods, or pellets. If we keep the Arowana in our tank, we have to equip it with a heavy filtration. The fish make a huge waste so we need to keep the tank clean with good quality and heavy filtration.

3. Freshwater Sting Rays

Big freshwater aquarium fish

If you do not want to make your giant aquarium too mainstream, sting rays will be a great choice.

To take care of this type of fish is not easy at all. We have to note that the skin and tails are fragile. Besides, we need to keep it with the right mates. Larger fish and non-aggressive fish are recommended.

We can find big freshwater aquarium fish for sale at the fish shop. However, we need to make sure that we buy from a reliable store so we can get a stable fish with little risk to get stressed. What we should remember is that we need to have bigger freshwater aquarium fish as the big fish tank mates. That way, the big fish will live healthily and safely. Please check my another post about Top 10 Cool looking freshwater fish

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