Breeding Astatotilapia nubila

Astatotilapia nubila was first described by Boulenger in 1906. It’s a small haplochromine cichlid which Lake Victoria in East Africa origin. It is one of very few cichlids that are also found outside of Lake Victoria, in Lakes Nabugabo and Kyoga and the rivers of the Victoria basin to be specific, and thus it is

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breeding koi fish

Raising and Breeding Koi Fish at Pond

All of the oxymorons of fish keeping the statement that “I bred these fishes or I’m breeding koi fish….” has got to be the most oxymoronic. True, all that’s required to reproduce most pond fish species are decent water quality and a mix of sexes. Ask any experienced ponderer. They would be more impressed if

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aquarium lighting parameters

Aquarium Lighting Parameters

Why is All This So Important? We divide the aquarium lighting parameters into three things. Now get this; as EMR, this includes light approaches/enters into a more optically dense medium, in our case water, a couple of things happen. 1) a couple of is reflected depending on the angle of incidence, and disruption of the

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Set aquarium lighting properly

How to Install Aquarium Lighting Properly

As important as aquarium lighting is to the appearance, health of livestock and cost of planted aquarium keeping, it is not surprising that it is an oft-discussed topic. What is stunning to Pine Tree State is what quantity content and dissonance surrounds lighting. There extremely could be a large distinction between what appearance smart to

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