Arowana Fish Care Tips : How to make arowana fish growing faster?

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Arowana fish care tips
Silver arowana

As an arowana fish lover, it undoubtedly that we wants the fish grow fast and become big. Because bigger arowana fish will look more dashing and of course the price increases. Surely there are arowana fish care tips and tricks to grow well and fast. Although some people said: without any special treatment and specific water parameters, only regular feeding an arowana fish could be growth well.

The Importance of Periodic Care

Aquarium care is mandatory to do, beside to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium itself from the seeds of disease. It is also necessary to maintain the aesthetic value of the aquarium itself. How many times do we have to clean our aquarium in one week? Should make a schedule to clean our aquarium at least once a week and a maximum of twice a week. Make a regular schedule such as every Monday and Thursday, or set every Tuesday and Friday. Routine care should be done correctly so that we can always keep the cleanliness of our aquarium all the time.

How to clean the aquarium properly? The first stage is to turn off all filters and your aquarium equipment. Then rub the entire glass of your aquarium until clean and let the dirt settle for a while. Then take chiffon hose, suck the bottom of your aquarium and also suck all the dirt in your aquarium. Dispose of water to the limit of one-third of your aquarium water, then turn on all filters and fill with new sediment water. There is one way to detect our hygiene. The aquarium can be confirmed that clean if the water surface of the aquarium can reflect the shadow of the object that is in the aquarium itself.

How to Prepare Aquarium for Arowana

Regular and varied feeding will help maintain the health of our arowana fish and also spur the growth of healthy fish. Feeding fish at least once a day and a maximum of two times a day with a varied menu. Don’t forget that we should also pay attention to the rest of the feed in the aquarium water. Do not ever have any leftover food that is not eaten or we let the remaining crumbs from the feed in the aquarium water. While cleaning the aquarium, try lifting the remaining remnants of feed with aquarium fish net. That usually the rest of the crumbs will float on the water surface of the aquarium.

The point is ” more bigger more better”. Make biggest tank as you can do, because arowana fish is growing fast and was one of an active fish. They prefer to round the whole tank all day.

Red Tail Gold Arowana Fish care tips

Indeed, for the treatment of red tail gold arowana fish is quite troublesome. But the most important thing is to maintain water quality. It could by fill the filter media with activated carbon, zeolite and sponge. For color problem this red tail gold, just use the white led light and try the background of a full white aquarium, then the color should be come out by itself. Then for feed alternate, it good by giving between shrimps and crickets. For mental exercise, can try to do taping the glass slowly while feeding. After all, the bottom line here is which one it good arowana fish care tips was depends on the factor of compatibility with the fish gene.

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