Experience the Unforgettable Tours in Aquarium in New Orleans

Aquarium tour is one of the answers to the solutions of giving the kids educational vacation. Today, kids are no longer attracted to the garden and outdoor enjoyments. The intense internet exposure makes the kids forget the pleasure of playing football in the yard. Gardening with granny is now boring for they can play the games indoor. Besides, the kids become more selfish since they have only little chance to interact. Therefore, parents have to start changing their habit by serving the right enjoyments. One of the best ideas is to invite them to see many sea creatures and water animal in the city aquarium. Aquarium in New Orleans and any other wonderful aquarium will be a great place for a family.

Aquarium In New Orleans Lousiana

If you are living in New Orleans or in the surrounding states, it is a great idea to visit this city for the superb aquarium. It is a perfect place for a family tour, study tour, and even a birthday tour. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas will serve visitors with an unforgettable experience of entering the underworld. Located in a wonderful area on the Mississippi River, this aquarium brings a super entertainment for all visitors.

Aquarium in new Orleans

The interior decoration resembles the color of Caribbean reef. Visitors have to work through a tunnel in which they will feel like going through an underwater venue. The first sea animals to welcome the visitors are the penguins and Southern sea otters. This aquarium also offers various attractions that the kids will love. Visitors can touch the sting ray. The adults will also love it actually. The visitors do not have to worry about the safety since professional crews guiding all of the attractions.

In addition, visitors can also try feeding the parakeet. It is always fun to feed animals. Kids can touch directly the animals and learn about the beauty of fish of other sea creatures. Also, in the aquarium in New Orleans, visitors can meet gigantic sharks, tarpon, and also rays. The big fish are put in the 400,000 gallons. And the biggest aquarium venue is Gulf of Mexico Exhibit.

Aquarium in New Orleans Ticket

The aquarium ticket can be purchased via online. It will be better to book the admission online, especially during the high season. The ticket is $29.95 for adults of 13 to 64 years old. Meanwhile, seniors can pay $24.95. Last, the kids of 2 to 12 years old should only pay $21.95. The packages are available for giving a more unforgettable experience. The Audubon Experience for insectarium, zoo, theater, and special aquarium are to explore as well.

Aquarium in New Orleans Parking

The aquarium opens Tuesday through Sunday. Mondays are only for selected holiday months or In Spring/Summer only. It opens 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. It offers no free-off street parking. However, handicapped people will find it comfortable to visit this aquarium.

Aquarium in New Orleans Coupon

We can get easily Aquarium coupons by online. Today, we can get the discounts using the coupons. So, arrange your Aquarium New Orleans tour now and get the coupons online. Also check my post about Hotels Near Newport Aquarium

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