Determine Aquarium Driftwood Types

Based on data obtained from There a lot of aquarium driftwood types listed, among others:





Corkscrew Willow

Colophospermum mopane (Mopani)

Cholla Wood

Malaysian drift wood

Rose Wood roots

Ribbon Wood




Crepe Myrtle

Western Hemlock Roots


Linden trees- Tilla sp

And this from :


Mopani Wood

Redmoor Wood

Sumatran Driftwood

Marsh Root

Azalea Root

Safe woods for use in an aquarium

  • Alder
  • Apple
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Hawthorn
  • Heather
  • Oak
  • Pear
  • Sycamore

Unsafe woods for use in an aquarium

  • Cedar (avoid anything evergreen/coniferous)
  • Cypress
  • Grape vine – this rots very quickly
  • Horse chestnut
  • Lilac – this is poisonous
  • Ivy – this is poisonous
  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Walnut
  • Yew – this is toxic

let’s learn more about aquarium driftwood

While searching for driftwood, it’s vital to make sure driftwood sinks naturally within the aquariums, since if it doesn’t sink, then they need to be attached to a holder to keep them repaired at the base of the aquarium. Driftwood could be used for a selection of things. African driftwood appears very much like standard driftwood.

There are in fact two varieties of driftwood offered in the store whether it’s online or near you. The driftwood will probably float due to the air pockets in it. It’s also essential to make sure the driftwood doesn’t have any snails and algae, so that it doesn’t contaminate the aquarium’s ecosystem. You’re able to find driftwood in the wild but it might be unsafe, because the bit could be rotted of contain algae development Like African driftwood, it’s also self-sinking.

Aquarium Driftwood types

It’s possible to actually find aquarium driftwood yourself, particularly if you live near a pure body of water. The truly amazing thing about using driftwood is how they look stunning in a tank. If it’s properly prepared it can be a delightful addition, creating your aquarium or terrarium seem as though a professional designed it! It isn’t tough to encounter driftwood yourself, especially in case you dwell near a pure pond. Driftwood could be magnificent addition to any habitat. Driftwood and caves are also beneficial in this respect

Having made a list of fish you wish to keep in your tank you might want to match them based on their compatibility. Do plenty of research before you set anything on your tank that is not specifically made for fish tanks. Preparing a fish tank to the very first time is no simple task, whatever the sales person tells you. When you own a fish tank to the very first time, you’ve probably learned how to set this up, how to take care of the water, even the best way to cycle the tank before putting in your fish.

Aquariums often arrive with other crap. Regardless of what sand you decide on you are likely to get to prepare it to be utilized in the aquarium. A massive aquarium is also important as they are known to be very territorial and thus, can become competitive if there’s space crunch. If you intend to begin a new aquarium you’re a making a amazing decision you wonat regret!

Setup advice

The next thing to do would be to put your final range of fish in order from docile to the vast majority of aggressive. You must also find out more about the method by which the sort of fish you’re interested in will get along with different sorts of fish. Aquarium fish are extremely sensitive and delicate creatures and I’ve learned it’s always far better to take all the required measures and precautions to keep up a wholesome water environment than attempting to heal an ailing fish.

You have to choose whether you would like only a single fish or several of the specific same species or a number of distinct species. The very first step is to learn the fish you wish to stock in your aquarium. Sometimes the kind of fish you want will dictate what sorts of substrate you will need to use. It will also decide the type of plants you use. It’s not until they’re an adult that lots of fish can be adequately judged. The infested fish may also become spastic or totally paralyzed and sink to the bottom. As a newcomer, you wish to decide on the tropical fish that offer you the very best possibility of success with your home aquarium.

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